Welcome, Madame.

This will be my first attempt at bogging on an iPad mini. 

Thus far it is a success.
I fear that I will have to abandon my fondness for emotional capitalization (or lack of capitalization) with the autocorrect that remains necessary as I get used to this tiny, touch sensitive key board.
(I also fear that the inconvenience of accessing the parentheses will cause me to reduce the amount that I uses them, with debatable effect)

Yes, I have returned. 

I arrived a week or so ago to Mysore, eager to practice and see some much missed faces.  And when the most-missed face looked at me like a nutter and said "no, not possible" to my request to practice for one week, I promptly decided to abandon all the missed  faced and bugger off to Hampi for a bit of a preemptive holiday.
As it turns out, Hampi is lovely.  Covered in cool rocks and hippie cafes, I am glad for the motivation and the opportunity to get my traveling feet a bit wet, since going to Mysore feels more like going home than like traveling these days.

This weekend I head to Purple Valley. I can not express how happy I am about it, visiting my most beloved Mel, getting a new teaching experience, and experiencing Goa for Christmas and New Years. I have just been informed that Asia's biggest electronic music festival will be taking place just before the new year, maybe I'll hit it up on my night off.